Tinnitus Control with hypnotherapy

Did you know that tinnitus can often be helped with hypnotherapy?

We have several strategies that can help with this debilitating condition. Whilst, we always recommend that you seek the advice of your GP when you have a medical condition, hypnotherapy can go a long way towards reducing the distress and the noise perception.

┬áMany clients report that the more ‘uptight’ they become, the worse the symptoms and … the worse the symptoms, the more ‘uptight’ they feel etc. a vicious circle. ┬áHypnotherapy induces a feeling of calm and we can teach simple self-hypnosis strategies to quickly get you feeling calm again.

There are possibly times that you don’t notice your symptoms so much; perhaps because you were completely absorbed in some activity or lost in a good film or book. Hypnosis can utilise this idea so you ‘forget’ about the symptoms more and more often. Often, the noise can become more troublesome when you concentrate on it and these cases we can help you to ‘forget’ the noise more often.

These are just some of what can be done to help. If you would like more information or think hypnotherapy can help you, please get in touch.