One of the most popular and successful uses of hypnotherapy is in helping to break the smoking habit – to stop smoking.

Ready to commit method:

If you are ready to make a commitment and date to stop, you will be amazed at how easy it is to quit smoking with this method. We offer  additional support if required. It is important that you are mentally committed to stop on your appointed day, and that the decision to stop is entirely yours. I say this because sometimes the client feels pressurised to quit – maybe by well-meaning friends or partners in which case the therapy may not be as effective.

Fee £120.00 (One or two sessions)

Have to stop, but worried about it?

If you HAVE to stop smoking but are not entirely committed to do so, this method may be for you. Perhaps have to go for a hospital stay or you have been told to stop by your GP for urgent health reasons. Maybe you want to stop for other reasons, but have an underlying fear of doing so or feel that it will be too difficult. We will boost your confidence levels and reduce any anxiety you may have. And then you feel ready to commit, you will receive the final ‘stop’ treatment

Fee £190.00 (three sessions)


Smoking questionnaire. Please complete before consultation.