FEAR OF FLYING hypnotherapy

Fear of flying and situations associated with airports.

For many the fear of flying can cripple their holiday enjoyment. In many cases it may rule out the possibility of going abroad. This can be especially sad if you have relatives living in another country that you can never visit.

Good news…

I have had many clients come to see me because they so want to be able to visit children or parents, but have been unable to do so. We discuss their situation which can sometimes include a fear of coping at the airport. Most people know that it is perfectly safe to fly, but this doesn’t help the panic and dread that comes with this problem.

Once we have identified the areas where help is required, a treatment plan is created with the emphasis on developing feelings of calmness and confidence.  I will also give you a recording to use any time when you need a ‘booster’, and in addition, you will learn a simple exercise that can be used anywhere and at any time to bring you bring you back to feeling calm and confident.


Treatment time: Two to three sessions approx.

Sometimes, as part of the treatment plan, I will record a session for you to use at home. Your sessions are designed for you to listen to privately in a place where you can be undisturbed for about 30 minutes – earbuds/headphones are best. Because you will be encouraged to close your eyes and relax, it is imperative you only listen where it is safe to do so – do not listen whilst driving.